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    Industry dynamics

    Industrial application of sodium tripolyphosphate

    Time:2018-12-14 16:01:30 Source:

    It can also be used as detergent additives in petroleum, metallurgy, mining, paper making, water treatment, etc. It is mainly used as assistant of synthetic detergent, synergist of soap and preventing oil from precipitation and frosting of bar soap. It has strong emulsifying effect on lubricating oil and fat, and can be used to adjust the PH value of buffer soap. Water softener for industrial water. Leather - making agent. Dyeing auxiliaries. It is used as dispersant when suspending in paint, kaolin, magnesia and calcium carbonate industries. Drilling mud dispersant. The paper industry is used as an antifouling agent. In the food industry, it is used as quality improver and water retention agent for canned products, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, soymilk, etc. It is mainly used for tenderization of canned ham and softening of bean skin in canned broad bean. It can also be used as softener and thickener. STPP also has its unavoidable environmental hazards. Because of its phosphorus content, it is easy to cause water eutrophication. Due to the introduction of the national phosphorus restriction policy, the application of sodium tripolyphosphate in detergent auxiliaries has been gradually reduced, and gradually replaced by layered sodium silicate, molecular sieves and other products.

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