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    The scientific name of hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen peroxide.

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    The scientific name of hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen peroxide. Its molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. The chemical formula is H_2O_2. The chemical formula shows that there is one more oxygen atom in the molecule than in the water molecule. Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless and irritating liquid. Medically, 3% hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to disinfect wounds or otitis media. 3% hydrogen peroxide has the ability to disinfect and sterilize! Because of the instability of peroxide, it is easy to react with the following reactions: H_2O_2 H_2O+ (O). When it meets wounds, pus or dirt of skin, mouth and mucosa, it immediately decomposes into oxygen. This kind of oxygen atom, which has not yet combined with oxygen molecules, has strong oxidation ability. When it contacts bacteria, it can destroy bacteria and kill bacteria. The remaining substance after killing bacteria is water without any poison or stimulation. No secondary pollution will occur. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide is an ideal disinfectant for wound disinfection. However, high concentration of hydrogen peroxide can not be used for wound disinfection to prevent burns to the skin and affected areas.

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