The Glory Years of Skeet At Pacific Rod & Gun Club

by Ray Brooks

The following list of people was submitted by Ray Brooks. Ray shot with all of these folks here at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club during what he refers to as the “glory years” of skeet. He says that most of those mentioned were from the entertainment industry. Apparently, skeet shooting was very popular among this group during the post war years between 1946 and 1957. He has noted what these people were known for, as many of our younger members may not know who these folks are/were. Ray was “nagged” into writing this list as he didn’t want to be perceived as “blowing his own horn.” He says that “…it was an enjoyable experience shooting with these folks. Some turned into long time friendships.” That is somewhat of an understatement!

1. Clark Gable
(actor/Gone With the Wind)
2. Ernest Hemingway(author)
3. Robert Stack (actor)
4. Barbara Stanwyck(actress)
5. Robert Taylor (actor)
6. Phil Harris (radio & TV)
7. Rex Harrison (stage & motion pictures–“My Fair Lady”)
8. Andy Devine (radio, TV, western movies)
9. & 10. Chet Lauck & Norris Goff (“Lum & Abner”, top rated radio show)
11. Greer Garson(actress)
12. & 13. Nick Reynolds & Bob Shane (The Kingston Trio)
14. Howard Keel (singer/actor-stage & motion pictures)
15. Lee Greenway (head makeup man for Columbia Pictures, Desilu Productions (I Love Lucy & The Andy Griffith Show)
16. Rod Cameron(actor/western movies)
17. & 18. The Westmores, Wally & Percy (famous Hollywood movie make up men)
19. Nash Buckingham(author)
20. Newt Crumly (US Senator, Nevada)
21. Alex Kerr (All American Skeet Teams & Owner of Kerr Mason Jar & Class Co.)
22.Carola Mandel (with her husband owned Marshall Fields Department Store in Chicago)
23. Ray Smith (owner of Harold’s Club Casino in Reno
24. General Robert Travis (Travis Air Force Base named for him posthumously)
25. Hal Wallis (9 time Academy Award winning motion picture producer–eg. “Rooster Cogburn”, “Mary Queen of Scots”, “Barefoot in the Park”)
26. JoAnne Wallis (daughter)
27. Lee Braun (Remington Pro., All American Teams–skeet & trap)
28. General Curtis LeMay(Commander of USAF Strategic Air Command)
29. Ali Riad Bey (Egyptian Vice Consul, cousin of King Farouk of Egypt)
30. Maynard Henry (All American Skeet Team and famous Los Angeles Attorney)
31. Marie Windsor (actress)

Thanks, Ray, for sharing this with the membership. This is an important part of the history of the Club which we shouldn’t lose.