Safety Rules

Welcome to Pacific Rod & Gun Club.  We are very proud to have maintained a perfect safety record since the Club was established in 1928.  All Members and Guests are required to observe the safety regulations which follow.  Enjoy your day shooting at PRGC.
Types of Guns Allowed Shotguns Only
  • 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410
  • Minimum barrel length is 24 inches
  • No extended magazines
  • No pistol grips
Types of Shells Target Loads
  • STEEL or BISMUTH shot shells are to be used at this facility.
  • Absolutely no magnum or high base shells.
Safety Glasses and Ear Protection Required
  • Both are available at the Field House (near the flagpole)
Rules of the Game Sportsmanship
  • Please practice sportsmanship at all times and follow posted rules.
Alcohol/Drugs Prohibited
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on shooting fields.
  • No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted to use the facility.
  • No illegal substances are allowed on Club grounds.
  • Infractions of these rules will require removal from the property.
Gun Safety

  • ARRIVING: Open the action and double check that your shotgun is empty.
  • ACTION OPEN: At all times when not shooting.
  • LOADING: Load only when feet are on the shooting pad.
  • LOADING LIMITS: More than two shells not permitted.
    • One shell for single, two shells for doubles.
  • STEEL SHELLS ONLY: No lead shot allowed. Shells may be inspected at anytime.
  • A DROPPED LIVE SHELL: Shall only be picked up after shooting at that station.
  • OPEN ACTION: Before leaving shooting pad and at all times when not shooting.
  • STATION #8: Do not shoot doubles at this station. Do not turn or follow bird.
  • EYE & EAR PROTECTION: Shall be worn by all on the shooting field.
  • NON-SHOOTERS: Please keep to the rear of the fields or behind the fence.
  • JUNIOR SHOOTERS: Shall shoot under the supervision of a parent or adult.
  • CEASE FIRE: Unload and obey all range commands.
  • HANG FIRE: Keep gun closed for at least 30 seconds.
  • DEFECTIVE AMMUNITION: Place in container marked “Defective Ammo”
  • UNSAFE BEHAVIOR: Repeated or grossly unsafe actions will result in suspension.
  • SPECTATORS: Please remain behind the fences or seated while inside the fences
  • QUESTIONS: Members and staff are happy to answer all questions, please ask.

REMEMBER: Safety first.  We are proud of our safety record.

If you have any questions about proper procedure and gun safety, please ask.  Do not feel offended if you are approached by a member with a suggestion on how to improve your gun safety.